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⏸ Being in the moment ⏸ 

This weekend marked my birthday and I took a moment to reflect. 🎂 

This past year was a lot about learning new things and at the same time planning future. So I decided to change the focus and make this year about being more in the moment. 

While it sounds easy, we see signs all around us of people struggling with it, just a few examples:

💻 Checking slack when they are in a meeting,

☎ Checking phone under the table during lunch,

🎧 Not listening actively to another person,

👷‍♀️ Thinking of a work project while building Lego (definitely, a personal example)

While I have a few techniques that I use, I’m looking for recommendations on how to improve my focus on being in the moment. Do you have any tips? - share in comments 🗣 

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