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1:1 Template

How often are your 1:1s with your manager?

Research from Gallup shows that employees who have regular 1:1 meetings with their managers are 3x as likely to be engaged.

While it is the responsibility of the manager to make sure the 1:1s are set, sometimes the employee needs to take the initiative on their side.

Whether my manager or I are a driver, I use a couple of simple rules to maximise my 1:1s - check them out below:

1) Have 1:1s on a regular basis

Even 30 min weekly is better than 2 hours once a month. Book the cadence in your calendar.

2) Share expectations on the format and content of 1:1s. For example:

  • Balance of business updates and coaching

  • Format to give and receive feedback

  • Frequency of development talk (if it is not set by the company)

3) Use shared meeting notes

Shared notes help to have one view of the action points and accountability. You can also add useful links. Extra tip: add a section for screenshots of when the employee got praise for their work.

4) Keep a bit of time to get-to-know each other

This is my favourite part: I get to learn more about people I work with.

This helps to connect on a whole new level.

How do you maximise your 1:1s?

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