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3 reasons that your #startup will fail ❗

3 reasons that your #startup will fail ❗

  1. You’re not talking to customers. Founders should constantly communicate with customers through customers calls or interviews to fully understand their needs. Without this knowledge, it’s easy to spend a lot of time on features and improvements that will not be used by users.

  2. You’re mixing up solution with the problem. As a start-up founder, you are often very focused on finding solution for customer problem. There is a risk that you ge too invested into solution and then in your problem statement you replace the real customer problem with “I build product X because customers need product X”

  3. You’re not adapting when needed. Sometimes, startups need to pivot multiple times to find the right mix of product-market fit in order to achieve true success. It’s important to be willing to make changes when necessary in order to survive.

Do you agree? Is there any other signs to look out for? Let me know!

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