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Adapting to changing environment

One thing that will improve your ability to adapt to changing environment.

Last week I started running again, since it was finally warm and dry enough to enjoy a good run in the forest. However, this Monday it started to snow, which meant that I had to adjust my running. So I decided to rent a pair of cross-country skis 🎿

Did you know that the same approach can be used when building products?

First, you build your solution based on research about customers’ problems, but then suddenly the environment changes and your solution no longer works. What do you do?

There are different ways to handle this:

1️⃣ Stick to your idea and continue pushing

2️⃣ Abandoned the whole venture

3️⃣ Adapt to the new environment

However, adaptation on its own can be hard unless you do one important thing when building any solution - separate customer problems and solutions. If you know what problem you are solving, you can pivot your solution with less cost.

Do you agree?

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