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Baking a cake using product management principles

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Daily, we come up with ideas that we want to implement - bake a cake, build a house or plant a tree. To get better results, you can use product management principles.

See how I tried this with my kid, making a chess board cake for his birthday. 👇

1) Ideation and preparation

My son had an idea that he wanted to make a chess board cake. We researched online - there were no existing solutions. We also discussed the time schedule for his birthday celebration to understand time constraints.

2) Experiment

First, we agreed that the base is the riskiest part, so we made an experiment and found how we could make it with two coloured dough and marmalade. Then, we found an online form for the figures and tested a couple of them.

3) Results

4) Retrospective

We acknowledged that we had a great team work. We also learned that making figures at scale is time consuming. Another learning is that kids like candy and cookies more than cakes!

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