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DEB Programme

Just finished two days of learning on efficient and productive Board work and now I’m open to join company boards.

I’m very excited to do it as part of DEB program (Diverse executive boards: that aims to increase diversity in the Board room.

Research from 2019 shows hat only 19 % of board members in Sweden are female and only 12% of Chairmen of the board are female (Almi 2019). I’m no even talking about other aspects of diversity.

At the same time research from 2018 shows that globally boards with higher diversity have higher chance to be successful.

A few personal learnings from these two days.

  1. The level of responsibility that the board has for the company strategy. The interesting thing for me was to reflect on my experience as an employee as well as a mentor and compare that with the expectations on the board.

  2. The importance of good facilitation and collaboration in the board since it is a working group similar to any other working group.

  3. Relationship and the responsibilities between owners and the board. As someone with interest in investment, I found it curious to see the board-centric perspective.

Contact DEB if you want to learn more:

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