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🌟 Find people who support you and believe in you 🌟

Taking risks might be scary, especially when you try something new. I have experienced this, both professionally and personally.

I have, just like everyone else, failed many times in my life. The reasons have been different each time. However, for all of those times I have succeeded there has always been one thing present - and that is the people around me who believed in me.

When I was looking for my first job as a Product Manager, I applied to more than 50 positions without being invited for an interview. This, while I had done my thesis with a Product Development department. I also had some fragmented experience from the field and extracurricular activities.

But two people believed in me and I got a job.

The night before I went on holiday with my husband, I was applying for jobs and was about to give up when he told me to just send one more application. He said “I’m sure that you will find what you are looking for” - and guess what, I got a response on the application and was invited to an interview. The hiring manager also believed in me, offered me the job and has supported me since then.

The lesson of the story?

Find people who believe in you, even if you doubt yourself.

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