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Getting back from vacation into working mood

Two weeks in and you are already longing for next vacations?

I totally get you. Often we come back from vacation and overspend the extra energy. On top of that we have a really hard time getting back into routines. This means that two weeks in you hit the fatigue valley.

Few things that help me to cross that valley:

  1. Prioritise and invest into one routine early on when I’m back from holidays. For me it is workouts. The rest of routines can wait.

  2. Reviewing and prioritising todo and commitments every few days to make sure you do not overbook yourself. I personally had to cancel a few dinners, sorry, friends, I will make sure I will make it up to you.

  3. Plan a mini-recharge moment 2-3 weeks in: it can be one day, it can be half a day. Make sure you plan something that you love to do. It can be as simple as reading the book for 3 hours.

What do you do to cross the fatigue valley?

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