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Highlights of recent podcasts

Research has shown that exercise helps with depression. Here are 3 tips for podcast episodes for you to listen while walking.

1.”Nick Kokonas - Know What You Are Selling” (Invest like the best)

This is one of the older episodes, but I finally came around to listen to it. It resonated so much with how I think about building products. My biggest reflection point: even if everyone does things in certain way, but you see an alternative way to do it better and deliver value, you should trust your instincts and not status quo.

2.Interview with the CMO of Netflix, Uber, Apple, Bozoma Saint John in The Diary of a CEO

I have followed the incredible journey of Bozoma Saint John since she joined Uber. I find her very inspiring and this interview was not any different.

My biggest reflection point: an assessment whether I get any “Sunday scares”. I loved the simple approach that helps to check if the person is happy where they are.

3. The early user research playbook for founders — Jeanette Mellinger’s expert advice for validating your idea with high-quality interviews (In Depth)

These advices are valid not only for founders, but also for product managers at any stage of the company. As product managers we often need to make validation of ideas without having a dedicated User Researcher. This episode provides a lot of useful advices.

What is on your top list in the past few months?

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