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How to get your writing creativity flowing 🌊

Are you like me and sometimes struggle to come up with ideas to write about?

Here are 10 things that help me to overcome writer’s block.

⚡️ Start with writing the structure of the text, without adding any content

⚡️ Write something on the topic, even if it’s just a summary of what you know

⚡️ Add questions that you think your reader might ask you

⚡️ Take a break, organize and clean your desk

⚡️ Exercise or take a walk to clear your head

⚡️ Listen to music (I personally like electronic music when working!)

⚡️ Need an idea boost? Listen to a podcast to trigger ideation

⚡️Talk to someone, related to the topic

⚡️Talk to someone, unrelated to the topic

⚡️Ask Google/OpenAI to help with ideas

🎁 Bonus tip: Look at pictures of cute animals online! This will improve your mood, however, my tests of this method haven’t shown any positive effect on my inspiration, yet… 🐱

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