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How to improve a culturally diverse team?

What do you see on the picture:

Bad (EN, poor quality) or Bad (SE, translates to Bath)?

I have been working with international teams for many years and cultural diversity has always been present for me. It is a fertile ground for miscommunication. 🗺

I have found three things that can help a diverse team to become better aligned 🌟

  1. Get to know people and always assume good intent. Whenever I feel friction, I tell myself that the intention is good - which most likely is the case.

  2. Spend a lot of time providing qualitative feedback and be open to receive feedback from others.

  3. Set clear role expectations and ways of working. This will help the work process and eliminate the risk of team members needing to read between the lines.

If you are interested in learning more about how to work with different cultures, I can recommend the book The Culture Map by Erin Meyer.

Have you read it?

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