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How to start in Product Management 🚀

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

A shift to a new role is often a challenging move and I often get the question "how can I start in Product Management?".

I have gathered ideas and suggestions that you can begin doing tomorrow in your current role and organisation. Try them out and let me know how it went.

1) Shadow a Product Manager

Is there a Product Management team at your company? Talk to your manager and share what you would like to learn. Reach out to Product Managers in your network and meet with them over coffee to understand how they work and what skills are useful.

2) Identify the right skills

Learn more about different Product Management levels to understand what skills are evaluated. Identify the hiring managers in the Product Management organisation and ask them what kind of skills they would be looking for in a candidate.

3) Self studies

Listen to podcasts and live sessions about Product Management. My personal tip: Product School. Ask your Linkedin network specific questions about Product Management, using the speaker function. Connect with other Product Leaders on social media for inspiration, insights and networking.

4) Get yourself a mentor

Find a mentor in from the industry who can guide you in the right direction. My personal tip: the mentorship platform

And a question for experienced Product Managers - are there any tips that you give aspiring Product Managers that I did not include?

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