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🎧I love listening to podcasts🎧

I love listening to podcasts - on my way to work, while taking a walk and when cooking at home. They are such a great source of knowledge, inspiration and entertainment. Here are my top 3 titles at the moment.

🎙Invest like the best Ideas, methods and stories for how to better invest your time and money. I learn about business models and industries.

🎙Guardian long read Writings from the Guardian - everything from immigration, crime to business and art. I learn about topics that I don’t get in touch with on a daily basis and this gives me more understanding of customers and people around me.

🎙In depth from first round Tactical advice for founders and start-up leaders to grow their teams, companies and themselves. I love listening to how businesses work and how they think about approaching various challenges..

…and my guilty pleasure: Ted Talks Daily 🎙brings a spark of inspiration to my walk or commute. Highly recommend it!

Which ones are your favourites?

🔗 :

Invest line the best:

Guardian long read:

In Depth from First round:

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