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Importance of sharing regular project updates

🏃‍♀️ Are you waiting for the end of the project to share an update? 🏃‍♀️

Wait no more, there are lots of benefits on sharing updates on the progress and results even while you are still working on the project. This will allow you to:

📥 Get early feedback from stakeholders;

📤 Demonstrate progress;

📨 Help other teams prepare to the change;

However, it is important to think of a few things when you prepare an update:

💡 Identify the target group (your team, stakeholders, sponsors)

💡 Take a moment and reflect what you want your readers to learn from the update;

💡 Plan how often you want to make these updates and be disciplined to follow this;

💡 Reflect what medium works the best for your situation (message, mail, video)

Then when you formulate the update itself, think of:

📝 Focus on how the progress contributes to the final result and outcomes;

📝 Set expectations on what’s left;

📝 Provide clarity on what action is expected from the reader in response;

🗣 How do you usually provide updates? Are you waiting for the end of project? - share in comments 🗣

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