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Make a progress towards the goal in December - check! ✅

Three weeks ago I have made a post about making progress towards your goals even if it is December. The holidays are approaching and it is time to evaluate my progress. 🔎

My goal was to enter new content formats and try videos. I’m proud of my progress even though I have not fully met the criteria I have set.

👍 I learned a lot about video content creation

👍 I met some very inspiring creators

👍 I got more comfortable to create video content.

👍 I started publishing videos on Tiktok.

👎 I only published 1 video by now instead of 2

My insights: I still like writing LinkedIn posts more, however this experience helped to go out of my comfort zone and test something new.

Did you make a meaningful progress towards your goal this month?

Here is the link to the first video:

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