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There are no more career ladders, instead there are non-linear careers.

In order to succeed in the new reality one needs to constantly learn.. Mentorship is a great tool in this journey.

These are three personal examples of how mentors helped me:

  • Early in my career I only wanted to work with mobile apps. My mentor helped me to understand the value of broader Product management experience.

  • I was in an uncertain situation in relation to a potential role and my mentor encouraged me to ask my manager whether I get it (see my previous post what happened next).

  • This one is my favourite. This person never became my official mentor, but we worked in the same department and I observed their behaviour. Even being a Senior manager he found time to say hello to people, he was present when there was an incident and he was present when there was a praise to be given for a good job. I took a lot of inspiration from their leadership style.

I’ve gotten a lot from mentorship. It is a special pleasure for me to promote the platform that I use both as a mentor and mentee: Meander.

See for yourself on Product Hunt! Upvote, comment, and become a Meander member today!

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