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Networking in Hard

“What do you prefer: meet a bear in the forest or approach people you don’t know at an event?”

A surprising amount of people would actually prefer a bear, but they would never admit it.

What do you do when you at an event and you have no choice?

  1. Set yourself a realistic goal. For example, I consider an event successful if I had 3 meaningful conversations.

  2. Set yourself a deadline. For example, I make a mental check with myself if I’m enjoying the event 90 min from the moment I came. If I don’t, I leave.

  3. Make some warm-up. For example, if there are promotional stands, you can start and warm up talking to people at stands. In full honestly, sometimes those conversations ended up being the highlight of some events.

  4. Try a few different strategy and find the one that works for you. Sometimes it is approaching someone who is also alone, sometimes it is joining a group, sometimes it is talking to the person next to you.

  5. Last, but not the list, find the topic that makes you enjoy conversation. You will remember better the person and will actually enjoy your time at the event.

What are you secret tips of connecting with people at an event?

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