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Play is agency

This week’s inspiration: “Play is an agency. When you play, you are the most free. The very act of choosing to play is agency, noone is forcing you to do it.” (thank you Sonal Jhuj)

This talk reminded me about a playful workshop that helped my team with change management.

Many years ago my team needed to onboard stakeholders to agile ways of working. We have experienced some hesitation from people who only had experience with large waterfall projects before.

We organised a workshop to demonstrate the process and expectations. Instead of having 4 hours of presentations, we created a simulation on delivering one new feature using pen and paper. Yes, even a few lines of code were written on a piece of paper.

Thanks to the playful aspect of the workshop, stakeholders confirmed that they:

  • got an understanding of the process;

  • got understanding of what is expected from them;

  • felt comfortable asking questions;

How are you leveraging playfulness in your professional environment?

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