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Receiving Feedback

Does feedback you just got make you feel defensive? - Noone ever said that feedback was easy.

However, receiving it and working on feedback is an important tool to unlock the growth, improve results, set expectations and bring relationship to the next level.

Along my career journey there have been multiple occasions where I was given feedback. At first, it was hard to accept that what I was doing was not inline with the expectations,

however reflecting further and incorporating some of the changes to address the feedback allowed me to grow as a professional.

What to do if you are in the situation when you are given feedback?

  1. Breath in and breath out,

  2. Assume positive intent. It is already great that the person was brave enough to give you feedback,

  3. Clarify expectations,

  4. Take time to reflect,

  5. Follow-up and clarify if you took the feedback and made changes,

Remember, you do not need to change with every feedback that you get, however it gives you important signals of how people perceive you.

How do you process feedback you are given?

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