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Speed vs collaboration in decision making

When taking decisions you cannot optimise for speed and collaboration at the same time.

Any leader needs to be aware what they optimise for and what trade-offs they accept. Then you need to adapt the process and manage expectations of stakeholders.

Optimisation for speed gives you faster decision. You take the decision and then you can learn fast from the decision and adapt. However, it will take time to truly bring the stakeholders onboard afterwards.

Optimisation for collaboration gives you more alignment and better quality of the decision, but takes time and facilitation before the decision is reached. then it is easier to get faster to execution since all the stakeholders have been part of the process and are aligned.

You might remember this next time you try to bake cookies with kids. You can either serve baked cookies or engage your opinionated kids in decision-making and baking cookies together. You cannot do both.

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