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Technical Debt

Have you heard about the term #technicaldebt? 🦾

As a product leader, I hear engineers and developers talking about technical debt a lot.

It refers to the need for reworking of code.

It might happen when the team consciously chooses to go fast to market or when things change and the code needs work without delivering value to the customer. I have heard this term being used, both for systems built before I was born and for systems younger than a couple of months.

I don’t think there is such a thing as technical debt.

Instead, help your team to articulate the value of technical improvements. This also helps to define success criteria and not spend too much time on the work that no longer serves defined value. Do you use the term technical debt and how do you work with it?

What value can technical improvements bring to your team?

1. Improve team efficiency

Example: Migrate to organisation-wise tools, instead of owning a custom solution and write tests to make sure the bugs get detected and fixes early on.

2. Improve scalability

Example: Use auto-scaling to increase efficiency.

3. Improve transparency of services

Example: Add monitoring and dashboards.

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