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🚀 Use the next 4 weeks to make meaningful progress before New Years 🥂

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Here are some helpful steps to follow to help you move towards your goals during this last stretch of the year. To make sure you don’t miss out on any steps in the next few weeks, sign up here:

Let’s start with 3 easy steps this week:

Prioritise a goal 👉 Book in time 👉 Make an Action Plan.

STEP 1️⃣ : Choose one thing to make meaningful progress on.

For me, it’s my goal of trying video content format before the end of the year.

STEP 2️⃣ : Book in time: 1 hour weekly + 15 minutes daily.

☑ Book at least an hour each week for the next 4 weeks. I try to make sure that I don’t get distracted by turning off all notifications.

☑ Book 15 minutes every day either in the morning, at the start of the working day, right after lunch or after dinner. This time will help you to make regular progress.

STEP 3️⃣ : This week, spend that 1 hour making your Action Plan.

Each step need to be specific and actionable in 15 min time slots.

If you would like a check list on how to make such an Action Plan, I’ve put a pdf together for you here:

Action Plan Checklist
Download PDF • 174KB

Now, you are ready to start working on your goal 🙌

Here is a quick overview of what the upcoming weeks will look like:

✅ Week 1 (this week) is planning and reflection following 3 easy steps shared

✅ Week 2 is action learning (understanding how to ask for help)

✅ Week 3 is taking more actions through re-assessment and resilience

✅ Week 4 is a final assessment and overall reflection

Let’s get from where we are (point A) to where we want to be (point B) together, by the end of 2023 🚀 Are you in?

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