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Week 2: Action Learning

Can one make progress towards your goal even when circumstances are against it? 🛑 

You cannot achieve your goals without resilience. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Easier said than done!

Here is a personal example. My goals for December were to add one more channel to share content by publishing Tiktok videos and publish weekly updates for you to help you reach your goals. However, last week was tough and I needed to take a break. 

Yesterday when I got back to my goal it felt as if I had to start from scratch. This is what I did to get back on track:

1. Read my notes from planning and refreshed my memories and emotions on why I’m doing it; ☀ 

2. Made sure that I have 15 min booked every day to make progress; 📅 

3. Spent 10 min on Monday re-planning what I do the rest of the week; 🚀 

4. The remaining 5 min I spent reaching out to a friend who works with social media for some inspiration; 🙌 

How do you bounce back from setbacks?

PS the picture is taken right after a hike went wrong, lost the track, but managed to get out and find it after all. I always look at it when I need some inspiration for resilience.

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