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What do I work with: what is developer productivity

Have you tried to explain what you do to your grandma?

Now I reached next level of challenge in this task. I need to explain what it means - working with developer experience. My tests so far showed that people generally are divided into 3 camps:

  1. those who know what I mean,

  2. people who think they know what I do and confidently say that I work in IT support (have you tried to restart your computer?),

  3. people who think it is magic,

If you are in the first group, high five! You can stop reading here.

For the rest, let’s bring you to the first camp.

On a high level, my problem space is very similar to supply chain infrastructure.

A lot of developers write a lot of code → the code gets assembled into one package → it gets quality controlled → it gets into the hands of customers through app store distribution.

My customers are workers in the supply chain.

The teams in my domain are making sure that the machines in the supply chain are well-oiled, fast, reliable and can be easily used.

Returning back to my problem space from the supply chain analogy: my customers are developers and my teams work with infrastructure and tools for those developers.

Prioritising developer experience and productivity is valuable for any company since there is evidence that shows that it also affects positively business outcomes.

Now, you know what problem space I work with.

What about your business - are you working with developer experience and developer productivity?

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