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What I get from Advising Start-Ups as a Professional

Some people do gardening, I like advising and mentoring start-ups as a hobby.

Since I have started, I keep getting a question: “Why?”

Why do I get motivated and energised by advising and mentoring start-up?

Recently I had an example that illustrates well why I like it so much. I had a session with a founder who struggled with adoption of his product.

During the session he inspired me by the ambition and drive. This kept me energised for another couple of days.

We discussed one framework and he challenged me on it. We had an in-depth conversation on various aspects. It made me re-think some of the concepts. I learned something new during the session myself.

Finally, we figured out a few things to do and a week later I got a message sharing that some things did not work, but one of them actually helped a lot. Such fast learning cycle challenged me to see if I can apply the same fast learning cycle in my job.

Life of a founder and entrepreneur is not easy and being able to contribute is a very rewarding activity for me.

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