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Women's International Day

I have started this post countless times and none of the versions resonated with me.

Tomorrow I want to celebrate International Women’ Day today, but frankly, I don’t know how to do it, because dedicating one day a year to something that should be part of our lives 365 days a year feels odd and makes me very feel cynical.

This week I first looked at conferences, statements, articles and they inspire me to support and celebrate every single woman in the world.

The moment after I looked at the statistics, listen to the stories of burnout, acceptance of lack of choice, feeling of being judged, conviction that the ambition is for someone else and it makes me sad.

So today I want to share a recipe with you on how you can support women to reach their full potential. I promise you, you will be able to start right after you finish reading this LinkedIn post.

  1. Start with asking your partner/kid/parent/best friend about their ambition. What do they really want to do? What is their dream?

  2. Take their answer seriously.

  3. Prioritise their needs above your own. For example, cook dinner so that your partner could go to a networking event, put down your phone and go to the gym with your kid, say no to afterwork and teach your parents how to use Zoom.

  4. Repeat on a weekly basis.

If more people do that, we will have a more diverse workforce and leadership, we will have more female founders and investors, we will also have happier people around us.

How do you support the ambitions of people around you?

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